Minggu, 06 Juli 2014

Living Room Colors

Living Room Colors - Looking for new and exciting living room colors or perhaps a subtle, zen palette is just what your room needs then you have found yourself in the right section. Check over the color wheel section for basic colour information: WHEEL. Above I selected a brightly colored palette that would suit an Asian interior design concept and below there is a selection of cool tones to compliment a neutral palette.

Just a touch of color is sometimes all that is needed however, that can be just plain old playing it safe. Have confidence in your selection and dare to be different especially when you are using paint as it's something that can be easily changed and updated when you feel like creating something new.

White rooms somehow capture and hold interest. The are stunning and mixed with silver tones can really be something special. The scheme below has been built up from a silver and silver gray palette. It is an blend of modern Arabian interior design and a modern Italian interior.

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