Senin, 14 September 2015

Minimalist Apartment Design

Well, the place ended up having a lot of problems despite initially blowing our expectations out of the water in regard to how we thought the living situation might be in a small Chinese city. There was water damage everywhere, which gradually got worse until the ceiling started leaking and parts actually started falling down, the kitchen was too tiny to do anything in and, most importantly, the bedroom was cold as hell in the winter. For some reason our heating system only half-worked.

The Pleasant Emptiness of Minimalism

Because I have so few things, the place doesn’t look too much different than before I moved in. Of course, I have put up a few tasteful decorations to combat that sterile stereotype that minimalist spaces come prepackaged with. There’s so much space in here, despite not really being a huge apartment, and that is a benefit that everyone can gain from minimalist living no matter how small your space is. Getting rid of clutter really opens up a room. It may look empty, yes, but the beauty is in what you now do with that space.

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